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Manage Containers Easily.

Ops. Invoicing. Payments.

Across Bonded Terminals.

Flagship will help your team automate and manage your bonded terminal operations, full container workloads and empties from the cloud.


What we do

Automated Bonded Terminal Operations.

Replace repeatable processes and reduce manual intervention. Flagship will help automate functions which in turn can free up time for your ops team to do more strategic work. Increase your efficiency, output & ROI and ultimately focus on what matters the most: Growth!



Flagship comes packed with an amazing set of features, allowing you run and manage your bonded terminal operations effectively and efficiently.

  • Admin.

    Manage all vessel & manifest details, set custom rates, manage users, groups, roles & permissions, setup and manage billing autonomously.

  • GateHouse.

    Simple yard management for tracking container gate in & out operations, with all relevant stacking information which users can update in realtime.

  • Accounting.

    Enjoy automated demurrage based invoicing (debit notes) for both full container load & empties container style yard operations, inclusive of all your customized rates setup in the admin module.

  • Operations.

    Flagship can help prepare terminal delivery orders while vetting that all required documentaton is intact. Also document container examinations (by customs), generate way bills and manage all relevant paper work electronically.

  • Payments.

    Accept payments electronically, using mutliple supported channels (varies by country) including visa, mastercard, bank wires & instant fund transfers.


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Calculate pricing according to your usage consumption and coverage needs. Your credits never expire!

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